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Are you a Nurse aspiring to work in the UK?

‘A safe & trusted gateway for all your placement needs’

If you are a nurse aspiring to work in the UK, Neptune International is your best choice, where you will find a number of opportunities to work on a legally permitted work visa.

Neptune International is one of the largest recruiters of nurses to the UK. It also offers placement opportunities to a number of other countries.

ONP/ Supervisory Placement

This is the route No: 1 where you will be able to work in the UK as registered nurse provided you successfully complete the Overseas Nurses Programme. Neptune International arranges ONP run by the best UK education providers and also apply for your visa clearance. Once you complete the ONP, Neptune International will find an employment for you. It will also help you obtain a Tier 2 work visa.

Neptune International Recruitment Services, UK is legally entitled to apply for any of your visa/ Leave to Remain/ Leave to Enter requirements.

Candidates are advised to note that all the preliminary procedures are to be completed in Neptune International, India, Cochin Office.

Are you a Nurse completed an Adaptation Programme or ONP in the UK?

Nurses who completed an adaptation Programme or ONP in the UK, but came back to India, are eligible to apply for a work visa through Neptune International. Neptune will be able to check and screen your documents, find an employment and apply for a visa.

Those who are in the UK after completing ONP/ Supervisory placement, but find it difficult to find a work visa or employment shall contact our Cambridge office.

Are you a Nurse who have required IELTS score but on another visa in the UK?

Such candidates can contact Neptune International Recruitment Services Ltd, UK who will check your details and apply for the necessary visa or apply for relevant programmes.

Are you a Registered Nurse in the UK who is in some kind of Immigration problems?

We do not know what kind of immigration issue you are involved in, but we would be able to help you.


Nurses can also apply for an NVQ in the UK. Other health care professionals such as physiotherapists, radiographers, ANMs et al are also eligible to apply for this programme.

Now NVQ is a must for being eligible to apply for a Senior Care Worker Visa in the UK.

How it benefits you in other ways?

While you are in the UK and if you do not have the necessary IELTS score to apply for ONP, Neptune International extends all the assistance to its candidates to study for an IELTS. Since you live in the UK, the language capability and competence could usually be improved over a span of time, which in turn helps one to secure better score in IELTS.

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